Indispensable to the balance of ecosystems, the bee deserves our full attention.  Beekeeping contributes to the maintenance of plant biodiversity by ensuring the healthy management of honey bee populations, whose development is closely dependent on the quality of the environment.  Pollination is a fundamental process in natural terrestrial ecosystems.  It is an essential contributor to food production and provides a direct link between wild ecosystems and agricultural production systems.  The overwhelming majority of flowering plant species produce seed only if pollinating animals carry pollen from the anthers to the stigmas of the flowers.  Without this service, many interdependent species and many processes functioning within the same ecosystem would disappear. The great production of food depends directly on the activity of pollination, and bees are among the pollinators, those who play the most effective role.  Through the pollination of plants, bees promote agricultural production that ensures food security, and through their products with high nutritional value improve the nutritional security of the population.