With increasing urbanization, waste management is becoming more and more complex, a problem and challenge that farmers particularly face daily.
The overproduction of waste has negative effects on the environment in Turkana on agricultural activities.
To manage this situation of overproduction of waste, it was in 2020 that KAKUMA BEE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED initiated the waste management project in ALL FOR A GREEN COMMUNITY. To manage waste and enable local farmers to carry out their agricultural activities and to promote sustainable smart agriculture in the context of agri-food with a vision: to ensure a sustainable food chain that improves economic, social, and environmental performance.
The realization of this vision is based on the reduction, collection, and recycling of waste to become an emergency and a priority for the communities.
The activities of Waste management include the collection, transport, recycling, and disposal of this waste.
The main objectives of the waste management of this project are to reduce, reuse and recycle, and also to create awareness in the community for the prevention and reduction of waste.
ALL FOR A GREEN COMMUNITY PROJECT involves the collection, sorting, treatment, and recycling. This project will constitute a source of enormous resources. It, therefore has a huge economic potential.