Kakuma Bee Social Enterprise is a growing Agro-environmental Social Enterprise located in Kakuma, Turkana County, Kenya. Founded in 2019 at Kakuma Refugee Camp and legalized as a Social Limited Company under the registration of societies and companies, led by Refugee and Host Community Youth, to promote a range of agro-environmental activities, as well as social activities that help the local community to provide them with the education of various technical skills.

Kakuma Bee Social Enterprise’s vision is of a resilient rural environment where people and the environment thrive. We work towards assisting the communities through women and youth empowerment, and rural transition for farmers and farming communities in Turkana which improves yields improves food quality, and safety, and increases household income.

We aim to expand our activities and influence throughout the Turkana region and possibly beyond. Our organization uses commercial strategies for the benefit of society and the environment.

We aim to bring refugees and host communities, rural agriculturists, into the limelight and make them visible and relevant in community building.


To transform society through Social Entrepreneurship.


The mission is to enable Social members of the community to “Achieve Greater Social Impacts through entrepreneurship, becoming well-empowered, Sharing Experiences, and by leveraging a Stronger Collective Voice of economic change”

To be the main catalyst for the development of the Social Enterprise sector in Turkana and Kenya.


We aim to work towards the prevention of poverty by promoting self-sufficiency works on the protection of the environment.

To raise awareness of agribusiness practices.

To offer support to the community and small agriculturists through advisory services, training, research, relevant resources & business networks.

To strengthen the agribusiness sector in the community by guiding the establishment, operations, and development of training centers.

To encourage the growth of agribusiness as a sustainable way to address social needs improvement of people’s lives and the environment.

To build networks among agriculturists,

We Re-invest a large chunk of our profits back into the business for sustainability purposes.

We regenerate most of our income through trading activities.

We are very transparent and accountable.

To meet the missions, goals, and objectives: we Have a clear social or environmental agenda.

Contact us:

+254 114 691 428




P.O BOX 48-30501

Kakuma, Turkana, Kenya


Avril Ndambwe Shabani

Managing Director

Ninah Mugo

Operations Coordinator

Velma Muhonja

Finance Officer

Sharleen Wairimu

Supply Chain Manager

Ebuela Ebengo

Field Coordinator

Moris Albert

Media & Communication Officer

Heri Maliyabwana

ICT Officer

Faith Muthami

Social Media& Marketing Manager