We identify ourselves as a social enterprise, we invest our financial results for the benefit of various social actions.  Our main objective is to have a social impact.  What differentiates us from other companies.  Indeed, we aim to generate profits for the owners or our partners; who operates in a market by providing both goods and services, to our beneficiaries.  Kakuma Bee does this entrepreneurially and use the earnings for social purposes;

 Kakuma Bee brings together volunteers, employees, customers and stakeholders affected by its economic activities. a social enterprise as we are, our goal are like any other economic structure, is to find customers to sell goods and services to. The financial result obtained by our sales will allow us to finance social actions on which we have previously positioned ourselves.

 First, the economic structure of kakuma Bee must provide support to people who find themselves in a fragile situation.

 Then, the economic structure of kakuma Bee must contribute to the fight against exclusion and against inequalities in health, social, economic and cultural terms.  In addition, we invest in adult education and for young people, in the preservation and development of social ties as well as in maintaining and strengthening cohesion.

  Finally, our structure collaborate in the sustainable development of the social, economic and environmental dimensions, in the energy transition or even solidarity.


Aims to create a society where youth have an equal opportunity to comprehend their fullest ability in participating in the economical, social, and cultural growth of the society.

To empower youth by providing skill-based training in different domains of development including computer technologies, business management, green entrepreneurship, art, and crafts.

This training aims to create self-employment for self-reliance and mostly to raise awareness about the protection of environmental issues and their impact on our society.

Computer Technologies aims to skill youths in development areas, Graphic designing, Animation, Video Editing, etc

Business Management

The program equips youth with the basics of business management including business planning and marketing in collaboration with our partners.

Green Entrepreneurship

The program offers training in green entrepreneurial skills aimed at assisting the youth to pursue green entrepreneurship, therefore, enhancing livelihood.


This aims to assist and promote women’s empowerment, with this program we promote training and equip women in partnership with our global partners, the empowerment of women especially from marginalized and minority communities.

In this environment, without the possibility of developing their skills, women find themselves in a continuous cycle of poverty.

One possible solution among many others is the different training that we initiate with our local and worldwide partners.

We believe that the training is the key to change and empowerment for these women.

Organize workshops to help women develop their skills, raising awareness of the importance of the empowerment of women, by providing women with the skills to empower themselves, they can access a future with more opportunities.

Contributing to reducing the cycle of poverty and helping to create a more secure future for women in society.